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DIRROR awakens interest on a global scale!


Although DIRROR is yet to officially launch on the global market, the interest in the product seems to be growing on a global scale. We are happy to announce that in the recent weeks we have received orders from around the world! Due to the individual design and configuration options, as well as the high-quality components supplied by strong global brands, the first orders outside of Germany can already be accepted and delivered.

In addition to DIRROR’s core market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we have delivered our product to numerous other countries as well. Our happy DIRROR customers can be found in Sweden, Spain, Japan and the next shipments are already scheduled for USA. This current development confirms that the need for a contemporary solution such as DIRROR is growing on a global scale.

Thank you StartupTV and t3n for the article about DIRROR at the IFA 2017 :

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Smart Mirror in Your Smart Home


With the surface of Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod, Smart Home is all the craze. But how to turn your home into “smart” home and how to control all the smart gadgets centrally?

DIRROR is a smart mirror that also functions as a smart home controller. It integrates all your smart home gadgets seamlessly into one place. This provides you with an overview of everything that is happening at your home. You can also check weather, news, social media feeds or coordinate your family calendars, leave notes and reminders and plan vacations together.

Smart mirror as your personal assistant

With a FullHD mirror touchscreen in a beautifully crafted wooden frame, DIRROR is not only practical but also very aesthetical helper at your home. With more than 600,000 apps available it integrates seamlessly with a range of smart home gadgets. Control your lights with Philips HUE, your music in SONOS speakers, your thermostat, security cameras and much more. You have the possibility to configure the smart mirror that is custom made for your home!

DIRROR is also a great assistant in your kitchen. Plan meals with Cookidoo and Thermomix, create shopping lists and send these to your smartphone or simply order online right from DIRROR. With the DIRROR app, which is expected to launch in July 2018, cross-device shopping will become seamless. Not only shopping for groceries but also for fashion, home furnishing and more. Make life simpler for yourself with a smart mirror and make more time for important people in your life.

Smart mirror enriches your interior

With DIRROR you can change your interior on a daily or even hourly basis. When switched off, it looks no more than a mirror. However, when turned on you can have it portray famous paintings, your vacation photos or a warming bonfire. This way smart mirror can create the perfect atmosphere for any kind of event – may it be a house party, baby shower or a romantic dinner for two. Use DIRROR to set the lights, temperature, turn on music and enjoy the atmosphere.

DIRROR is all in one. It’s your smart home controller, your newsfeed, your personal family assistant and simply a beautiful piece of furniture in your home.

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DIRROR with Thermomix at the BERLIN Food Week


BERLIN Food Week 2017: This past weekend Berlin Food Week presented the latest trends in the food industry for thousands of visitors. The foodies were able to try out the latest trends themselves at the Jandorf department store where numerous well-known manufacturers presented their latest product innovations in the food market.

Among others, the Thermomix stand was open for testing for all interested food lovers. It presented not only for culinary delicacies, but also the latest technical possibilities such as the interplay between DIRROR and the Thermomix recipes portal Cookidoo. Not only is it super user friendly and easy to use but it can be used together with the whole family to provide you with the most delicious recipes from around the world.

The combination of fun and simplicity in preparing delicious food at home is here.


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DIRROR wins IT Innovation Prize 2017


We are happy to announce that DIRROR has been awarded the

IT Innovation Prize 2017

in the

Consumer Electronics


The IT Innovation Prize is one of the best known and most valued awards in the field of IT in Germany. The winners and most innovative products are selected by a renowned jury of specialists once a year. However,  “Made in Germany” is not only a Quality Seal known in Germany but acknowledged worldwide.

This makes us all the more pleased to be among the winners this year and to be crowned as one of the most innovative products in Germany in the field of consumer electronics. The entire DIRROR team, especially our production in Jena is very happy about our achievements.

A huge thanks goes out to the jury, our partners and above all, to all our customers!


More information (in German) can be found here:


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Thermomix ® and DIRROR

DIRROR THERMOMIX integration kitchen

Cookidoo ® is a perfect cooking app in combination with Thermomix ® and DIRROR.

The heart of the house is no longer the living room but the kitchen. This is the place where people gather and where great conversations unravel accompanied with good food. It is more often that we invite people over for cooking and eating. Thus, kitchen has become significantly more important as a place to get together in the last years.

This development is clearly reflected in the growing interior trend for open kitchens, but also the growing number of new household and kitchen appliances available. One of which is Thermomix ®, the most successful product in the recent years that proves to be a very practical aid for the whole family. It offers a huge variety on recipes and makes it easy to cook. It is as great for the beginners as it is for advanced chefs.

Thermomix ® in combination with DIRROR is an ideal assistant in the kitchen from which a whole family can greatly benefit. Now everybody in your family can participate in the weekly meal planning by picking and choosing when their favourite meal should be served. It is simple to do with the Cookidoo ® recipe portal. After all the meals are planned, send the shopping list into your phone to have it with you the next time you do groceries. Or simply order online and have the ingredients delivered on the day and time you need them. It takes just a few minutes and you have your whole week organised.

Want to learn more about DIRROR and how you can integrate it into your home? Visit Thermomix ® stand at the Berlin Food Week to learn more and see for yourself how smoothly DIRROR integrates with your everyday life.

DIRROR – Design your day!


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Celebrate Love Note Day with DIRROR

Love Note Day DIRROR

Writing and sending love notes goes back to famous romantics like Lord Byron and William Shakespeare. They wrote sonnets and odes that have been an inspiration to generations of young lovers after. Although, in olden days love notes were delicately painted by hand on a high quality paper this beautiful handwork seems to be more and more forgotten in a modern world. Not only the handicraft itself but even the thought or time we spend with the loved ones seems to be growing less over time. Naturally, not everybody has skills for this artistic work but each and every one of us can and should take the time for their most precious people in their life.

OK, I know what you think. All good thoughts but how on Earth can you actually make more time when there are too many tasks to do? And now this person comes along saying that you should find time to write Shakespeare-like love notes? You probably have barely any time to do grocery shopping, so when should you find the time to do handicrafts!?

Fair point. Now take a deep breath and relax. We in DIRROR have a pretty good solution for you! Not only can DIRROR offer you a digital whiteboard where you can quickly leave a personalised message to the person you love. It can also help you organise your busy life and make time for the things you really want to do.

DIRROR is your personal assistant at home and at work. It helps you spend less time on what is urgent and more time on what is important.


Forget spending hours on creating lists and doing weekly groceries, stop texting back and forth to coordinate schedules to pick up kids from school or soccer practice. Hey, you might not even have to leave to see your doctor! Besides that, traffic is a nightmare so why leave your office for a business meeting?

Now, about that love note.

Love Note DIRROr magic mirror

If you don’t have a hand for crafts, Etsy Online Shop is surely to help you out. With DIRROR’s large touchscreen, online shopping is also much more fun and easy to do. Everything at a glance and in full size. Who wouldn’t love that? And if you did forget to order that card in time you can always leave a love note on DIRROR’s digital whiteboard before leaving home. As a matter of fact, you can do that any day of a year, because you can never share too much love.

Don’t let life stress you. Make time for people who matter to you the most. DIRROR – Design YOUR day!

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DIRROR – Your Daily Assistant in the Kitchen


What will our kitchens look like in the future? What are the possibilities that are available already today? DIRROR is an innovative solution that combines aesthetics with the latest technology and becomes a viable part in your daily life. DIRROR meal plan preparations effortless: shop for groceries, synchronise your family calendars and plan the meals accordingly. Get inspired and search for recipes online and while cooking, you can multitask and switch between how-to videos, social media, e-mails and much more. Everything at a glance, simple and fun to use.


DIRROR is also smart home hub. Connect and synchronise all your smart home gadgets with DIRROR and control everything from a central location. Apps and webpages are more fun to use in a full size. So is Spotify displayed in full size so that scrolling of the page is no longer necessary. Like a jukebox, you can choose your favourite songs quickly and connect to your SONOS boxes for a perfect sound.

Rhizome Connected Kitchen Conference took place in Hamburg, on September 20th, 2017. It gave exciting insights about our future relationship with the kitchen stating that the “best room” at a home is no longer the living room but the kitchen. This is where family and friends meet and get together with good food and conversations. Kitchen is also the place of daily consumption and the organisation and DIRROR is here to help you plan and design your day!



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DIRROR – Digital Mirror Made in Germany

DIRROR quality made in Germany

Made in Germany is not just a cliché. It stands for quality, dependability and good design. These are all qualities which from our point of view, every new innovation should also have in order to be successful in the market. Highest quality and the best service – DIRROR innovators Daniel-Jan Girl and Claus Weibrecht promise to always stand for these qualities.

DIRROR is manufactured in Germany. It is state of the art technology combined with aesthetic craftsmanship. Highest quality with sustainable use of resources.

People have to be in the center of the digital transformation because we want to control technology and not the other way around. We feel, we smell, we see. DIRROR takes this into account and helps us design our day to be more efficient.

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DIRROR perfect for hotels to improve customer experience


Nowadays everybody has a smartphone or a tablet, yet many hotels still have a computer and keyboard for the guests to use. More than often that computer is hidden somewhere behind corners with rarely any guests using it. However, that doesn’t mean that guests wouldn’t love to have the opportunity to quickly look up tourist information, train schedules, cafe or restaurant recommendations and more.

Hotels can now benefit from a new and innovative solution – DIRROR – a digital mirror that not only looks elegant and beautiful in a hotel lobby but is also very convenient for guests to use. Hotels can integrate their own app in DIRROR interface, which provides hotel guests with all the relevant information. DIRROR is also great for groups of guests – look up tourist attractions, check public transportation schedules, print out train tickets and more, together. It is easy to do with a large touchscreen that everybody can see and interact with. While on their way out, guests can also check the time, weather and also news. No matter what the situation, DIRROR is offers the perfect solution.

Several hotels in Berlin have already taken advantage of this innovation to improve their customer service and guests love it!

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Smart Startups: DIRROR in Rainmaking Loft in Berlin


The Rainmaking Loft in Berlin is located directly at Checkpoint Charlie. It is a former art gallery which was transformed in 2013 into a cozy co-working space with two event rooms. With Berlin they have now opened their third branch besides Copenhagen and London. Berlin’s office rooms offer startups over 2,000 square meters space and 130 desks to develop their creative ideas.

In such an innovative environment smart tech gadgets are naturally a MUST. Therefore, DIRROR has recently been installed into the hip co-working space where the smart mirror is used as an office assistant by many lofties. Everything from news and weather to stock exchange is being checked on a daily basis. DIRROR is great in delivering all the important information in a heartbeat.

The smart gadget also takes on organisational tasks such as reservation of meeting rooms. In addition, DIRROR is used as a smart hub to integrate any smart gadget and control in centrally. Therefore, DIRROR regulates the loft’s heating individually in every room. The same way it can regulate lights, music and security control.

We wish the lofties lots of fun and success with DIRROR.