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New Year Resolutions – Workout with DIRROR


It is time for New Year Resolutions and let’s get right down to the point. Summer bikini bodies are made in winter! If you are not the gym type then DIRROR offers an excellent home gym solution for you. In its app store you can choose amongst tens of different sports apps to help you keep in shape. And now you don’t have the troubles of having too small screen and nowhere to put you phone or tablet. DIRROR hangs on the wall at your perfect sight level. All you have to do is to make sure is that you have enough space to move around, have your water bottle filled up and ready to go!

Whether you wish to loose some extra pounds, built up your muscles or simply improve your endurance, it can all be done form the comfort of your home. With our current favourite fitness app Seven it is easy to do with just 7 minutes a day. It provides you with 12 body-weight exercises on a daily basis to get in shape and build up your muscles. Do these regularly and show off your toned body in the summer.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout Challenge

For training with Seven fitness app you will need a chair, a piece of wall free from obstacles and the weight of your own body. The workouts provided are based on scientific studies and result in a maximum outcome with a minimal amount of time. The given exercises are short but very intense and show what you can do without using any extra weights or machines. Simultaneously, you can play your favourite music in the background to keep you motivated throughout the workout.

Are you still trying to find excuses and convince yourself that you won’t have time for it? Good luck with that! We sure ain’t believing you!



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Smart Styling: DIRROR at Shan Rahimkhan

The celebrity hairdresser Shan Rahimkhan is known for his stylish and holistic beauty concept well beyond the borders of Berlin. His prominent customers include world names like Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster, Tony Blair and Franzi van Almsick. Shan Rahimkhan’s luxurious salon impresses not only with its great service and excellent hair styling skills but also with its interior design enriched by mirrors, leather furniture and color bar.

This deluxe interior is now the first new home for the world’s first digital mirror, DIRROR.

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Amano Grand Central is an Innovative Modern Hotel in Berlin

The Amano Grand Central in the newly established “Europacity” quarter at Berlin’s main railway station is not only super stylish, but now also smart. The lobby of this urban hotel now decorated by DIRROR which is used as a smart concierge for various occasions. For example, with DIRROR’s large touch screen guest can independently plan their stay at the hotel, book and print flights, train tickets or check out the hotel restaurant’s menu. It is quick, convenient and a very innovative approach to a modern day hotel service.

DIRROR is a smart mirror Made in Germany. It is the first digital mirror in the world, with a Full HD Touch Screen, a powerful micro processor and more than 600.000 apps. It is excellent for businesses, restaurants and hotels to improve their customer service.

To upgrade your customer service and bring your business to another level, don’t hesitate to contact us!

DIRROR – Design Your Day!

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Upgrade your home interior with DIRROR S.


Magic mirror that can more.

Our digital mirror DIRROR S is our smallest family member. The smallest and the cutest magical mirror available! It looks discreet, yet elegant in its custom-made wooden frame and all its practical functions make it a perfect smart gadget to upgrade your home with. Control your lights, music and any other smart home gadget in your household with DIRROR. But that’s not all. With DIRROR you can access any website, check your mail and calendars but also listen to radio, turn on your favourite playlist in Spotify or watch videos and movies. One of many ways to integrate DIRROR into your life is its practicality in your kitchen. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of available recipes, add ingredients to shopping lists, let DIRROR read out the instructions for the recipe or watch a how-to video in YouTube. With more than 600.000 apps available, this magical mirror will transform your everyday life. Be more efficient and design your day how YOU want it.

Click here to get your DIRROR S today! 

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Smart Home Hub: From Vision To Reality

More and more apps and smart home gadgets offer us fascinating ways to make our lives better. However, digital transformation with its many facets is just at the beginning. Starting with smart watches, step counters and lights control to sensors and smart functions in fridges, windows and more. The data volume grows proportionally to the growing offers of IoT, which raises the question: How can I have an overview of all smart gadgets in my home and how can I control them from one central place?

Digitalisation is not supposed to control us, rather we as a person want to control and use smart gadgets around us. This allows us to become more productive and efficient in our lives. Therefore, we need a gadget that is built exactly for this purpose. We need a central hub that provides an excellent overview, has an intuitive interface, and fits perfectly into our lives.

: Introducing DIRROR :

DIRROR is more than a beautiful mirror Made in Germany. It is the smart home hub that allows you to control all of your smart home gadgets and organise your everyday life from one place. Use it alone or with your family and friends – either way it is inspiring and fun for everybody.

DIRROR was invented in cooperation between DGMK and IronShark. It is a unique product, which combines the state of the art technology with craftsmanship aesthetics Made in Germany. DGMK has been implementing and supervising innovations from a customer perspective for over 15 years, but also IronShark has been active for over 15 years in the market, specialising on innovations in the software applications. In charge of DIRROR’s development and launch are the two managing directors, Daniel-Jan Girl and Claus Weibrecht.

Dirror smart home hub launch

On July 19th, 2016 DIRROR was officially launched in RATH Gallery, Berlin.