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DIRROR awakens interest on a global scale!


Although DIRROR is yet to officially launch on the global market, the interest in the product seems to be growing on a global scale. We are happy to announce that in the recent weeks we have received orders from around the world! Due to the individual design and configuration options, as well as the high-quality components supplied by strong global brands, the first orders outside of Germany can already be accepted and delivered.

In addition to DIRROR’s core market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we have delivered our product to numerous other countries as well. Our happy DIRROR customers can be found in Sweden, Spain, Japan and the next shipments are already scheduled for USA. This current development confirms that the need for a contemporary solution such as DIRROR is growing on a global scale.

Thank you StartupTV and t3n for the article about DIRROR at the IFA 2017 :

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