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DIRROR perfect for hotels to improve customer experience


Nowadays everybody has a smartphone or a tablet, yet many hotels still have a computer and keyboard for the guests to use. More than often that computer is hidden somewhere behind corners with rarely any guests using it. However, that doesn’t mean that guests wouldn’t love to have the opportunity to quickly look up tourist information, train schedules, cafe or restaurant recommendations and more.

Hotels can now benefit from a new and innovative solution – DIRROR – a digital mirror that not only looks elegant and beautiful in a hotel lobby but is also very convenient for guests to use. Hotels can integrate their own app in DIRROR interface, which provides hotel guests with all the relevant information. DIRROR is also great for groups of guests – look up tourist attractions, check public transportation schedules, print out train tickets and more, together. It is easy to do with a large touchscreen that everybody can see and interact with. While on their way out, guests can also check the time, weather and also news. No matter what the situation, DIRROR is offers the perfect solution.

Several hotels in Berlin have already taken advantage of this innovation to improve their customer service and guests love it!

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