DIRROR is a Joint Venture of DGMK and IronShark. Its creators and founders are Daniel-Jan Girl and Claus Weibrecht. DIRROR is the first digital mirror in the world. It has a large FULL HD Multi-Touch-Display, a specific reflective surface and state-of-the-art voice control that is convenient and easy to use. Experience a new dimension of digital integration at your home with smart technology made in Germany.

DIRROR brings smart technology into your home and into your daily life! It’s an intelligent and aesthetic piece of furniture that enables you to control and organise your life at every step of your day. Its large touchscreen is easy to use and provides you with excellent user experience. Frankly, it makes you wonder how could you ever have live without! Organise, plan, and keep your smart home under control – all at one place.

Not only is DIRROR aesthetically pleasing but it also fascinates with its versatility. Besides organising your daily events like appointments, reminders and birthdays you can also check your mails, messages, weather and social media, create a joint shopping lists and so much more. DIRROR is a smart home assistant that helps you in every situation, everywhere in your home:

DIRROR in the HALLWAY is your personal assistant that reminds you of your upcoming meeting and shows you the fastest route to get there. It also suggests you take an umbrella so you wouldn’t get wet on your way there. While you put on your coat and get ready you ask DIRROR to show you the latest news and read out your last E-mails Right before you eave your house you switch off the lights, music and turn on your home security – all with just one simple touch in DIRROR.

DIRROR in the KITCHEN is a communication centre and blackboard for you and your whole family. But it’s also the control centre for lights and music or the entertainment centre with radio, movies, games and more. And should you need some assistance with cooking simply pick out a recipe among the millions available and start off! You have the option to read the recipe yourself, ask DIRROR to read it out loud for you, or watch how its done in a video.

DIRROR in the LIVING ROOM or BEDROOM is your most beloved picture. Ans not only when you see your reflection in it but when you look at your favourite painting be the greatest artist of all times. Some days you might like the calming effect of an aquarium or ‘warm up’ the cold winter night with a fireplace instead. Other times you would like to reminisce and put up your most precious memory from a vacation. But why just recall old memories when you can create new ones and plan your next holiday together with friends or family right from your new smart home centre.


With your one switch DIRROR transforms into a multi-functional digital home centre with a huge display that offer a while new dimension of touch control. Its easy-to-use touchscreen is a revelation for all users at any age. Use your favourite apps and integrate them into your daily routine like you ever thought possible.


Take the DIRROR tour at the IFA Exhibition in Berlin: Hall 11.1 in the TecWatch Areal. Visit us at IFA and experience DIRROR yourself!