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7 Reasons Why Your Smart Home Needs DIRROR


7 Reasons Why Your Smart Home Needs DIRROR

DIRROR is your elegant smart home controller.

Or your very own James, if you may…

If you own a range of smart home gadgets then you need a central hub to integrate and control them all. Besides looking elegant no matter where you decide to put it, DIRROR works with a wide variety of devices from lights and thermostat to security cameras and digital locks. So, next time you unlock your door, DIRROR will turn on your lights in the hallway and set the temperature just the way you like it. In addition, imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee – because…, you guessed it! DIRROR scheduled your coffee to be ready just by the time you have to get up. And all you had to do is to tell DIRROR what time you’d like to wake up the next morning – DIRROR does the rest. While you’re sipping on your morning coffee, it reads you the news, goes through your schedule for the day and tells you how’s the weather outside. When you think, this is cool, keep on reading. There are so many more reasons to love DIRROR.

DIRROR calendar smart home smart mirror

Your digital whiteboard for the family.

Organising your family’s busy schedules can be tricky. Who’s picking up the kids today? Who has time to go shopping? With DIRROR, all of this becomes simple and easy again. Blend in all calendars and see when your kids need picking up or dropping off to music and sports classes. Leave reminders or notes to you loved ones, and let all your family members add items to your next shopping list, so that next time you’re on your shopping tour, you can find all the items in your smartphone app and never forget to buy toilet paper again.

Your online shopper.

With the DIRROR app, scheduled to launch in July 2018 for iOS and in Sept 2018 for Android, cross-device shopping becomes seamless and a pure joy. Order take-in, create your shopping lists and take them with you to the groceries, or simply stock up in Amazon and other delivery services. Even online shopping for fashion becomes so much more fun: All items can be shown in real size on DIRROR’s Full HD display providing you with more interactive experience. 

Your home gym.

With the busy schedules that many of us have nowadays, it can be difficult to find time for a workout. Yet, it is so important for your health. Every one of us should spend at least 30 min of their day with some sort of sporting activities. Luckily, DIRROR is here to make it much easier for you! From the comfort of your home, you can choose amongst different fitness apps to use. We all have tried working out from home already, but isn’t it annoying that there never seems to be the perfect spot where to put the tablet or smartphone? And let’s not even start with the small screen size. DIRROR is fixed on your wall and its perfect screen size allows you to see all the instructions perfectly.

Your smart entertainment center.

DIRROR gives you every possible TV channel you can wish for. Or watch Netflix all night long. Fancy a radio station or your own playlist, instead? Well, go ahead! Ask DIRROR to play your ‘Friday fun’ playlist. And the best part of it all? You can connect it with SONOS sound system and control it all from one place. Since we value great quality and most certainly satisfy only with the best, we went ahead and optimised DIRROR to work perfectly with your SONOS speakers. Did you invite your friends yet, because it’s going to be a party!

Your personal assistant in the kitchen.

Ever struggle with ideas what to prepare for dinner? Well, it can get so much easier. Find inspiration in the thousands of recipes available via DIRROR, add all the ingredients in the shopping list and let these be delivered to your home. With the new interface launching in May 2018, DIRROR will be an excellent assistant with its multitasking possibilities – let it read out preparation instructions, watch a how-to video and set a timer. DIRROR lets you blend in all these windows simultaneously on one big screen to make cooking simple and fun even for the kitchen-haters.

DIRROR music controller smart home

DIRROR — The beautiful and interactive center of your home.

Now with this delicious dinner you just prepared, it is time to set the mood. Ask DIRROR to turn on a bonfire and your romantic playlist for a date night at home, or a slideshow with vacation pictures for a dinner party with your friends and family. On the days when it should be more classy, choose from many stunning clock designs available on DIRROR or pick a painting by Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Picasso and more to decorate your interior.

DIRROR pick your color

DIRROR – Design Your Day

DIRROR is all in one. It’s your smart home controller, entertainment centre, your newsfeed and your personal family assistant that helps coordinating your schedules, plan the day and vacations. DIRROR comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different colours. Design and configure your DIRROR exactly as you want it and make your home smarter today.