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DIRROR – Your Daily Assistant in the Kitchen


What will our kitchens look like in the future? What are the possibilities that are available already today? DIRROR is an innovative solution that combines aesthetics with the latest technology and becomes a viable part in your daily life. DIRROR meal plan preparations effortless: shop for groceries, synchronise your family calendars and plan the meals accordingly. Get inspired and search for recipes online and while cooking, you can multitask and switch between how-to videos, social media, e-mails and much more. Everything at a glance, simple and fun to use.


DIRROR is also smart home hub. Connect and synchronise all your smart home gadgets with DIRROR and control everything from a central location. Apps and webpages are more fun to use in a full size. So is Spotify displayed in full size so that scrolling of the page is no longer necessary. Like a jukebox, you can choose your favourite songs quickly and connect to your SONOS boxes for a perfect sound.

Rhizome Connected Kitchen Conference took place in Hamburg, on September 20th, 2017. It gave exciting insights about our future relationship with the kitchen stating that the “best room” at a home is no longer the living room but the kitchen. This is where family and friends meet and get together with good food and conversations. Kitchen is also the place of daily consumption and the organisation and DIRROR is here to help you plan and design your day!



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