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Thermomix ® and DIRROR

DIRROR THERMOMIX integration kitchen

Cookidoo ® is a perfect cooking app in combination with Thermomix ® and DIRROR.

The heart of the house is no longer the living room but the kitchen. This is the place where people gather and where great conversations unravel accompanied with good food. It is more often that we invite people over for cooking and eating. Thus, kitchen has become significantly more important as a place to get together in the last years.

This development is clearly reflected in the growing interior trend for open kitchens, but also the growing number of new household and kitchen appliances available. One of which is Thermomix ®, the most successful product in the recent years that proves to be a very practical aid for the whole family. It offers a huge variety on recipes and makes it easy to cook. It is as great for the beginners as it is for advanced chefs.

Thermomix ® in combination with DIRROR is an ideal assistant in the kitchen from which a whole family can greatly benefit. Now everybody in your family can participate in the weekly meal planning by picking and choosing when their favourite meal should be served. It is simple to do with the Cookidoo ® recipe portal. After all the meals are planned, send the shopping list into your phone to have it with you the next time you do groceries. Or simply order online and have the ingredients delivered on the day and time you need them. It takes just a few minutes and you have your whole week organised.

Want to learn more about DIRROR and how you can integrate it into your home? Visit Thermomix ® stand at the Berlin Food Week to learn more and see for yourself how smoothly DIRROR integrates with your everyday life.

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