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Smart home infographic

Smart home infographic DIRROR

Smart locks & video door bell

Smart locks enable you to give access to certain people even when you are not home. Video doorbell shows you who is there giving you the possibility to allow the delivery man to place the package in the mud room or let in the cleaning personnel.

Connected smoke detectors

In a big house, it can actually be a problem that you won’t hear the sound at night, if it’s on another floor or in a room further away. Connected smoke detectors turn on the alarm in the whole house so you can take action as soon as possible. They also come with a system that shows in which room the alarm went on, should you be out of house.

Automated garage doors

Garage doors that recognise you when you come home. That’s pure luxury.

Smart lightning

Lightning that can be tuned to fit your mood and create an atmosphere. Turn off all lightning with a simple click or voice command when leaving home and automate it to fit your daily schedule.

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat is one of the first smart home gadgets that people get. It is an efficient way to save energy and it learns over time your routine and pattern and warms up your home by the time you arrive.

Connected smart appliances

A fridge that tells you when you are running low on groceries, or a coffee machine that prepares the perfect cup for every household member. But smart appliances go further than the kitchen. Think cleaning robots, smart washing machines and more.

Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers give you the possibility to play different music in any room just the way you like it.

Voice controlled system & a smart mirror as a smart home hub

Control your smart home with a voice-controlled assistant and a smart mirror with a touchscreen. It is the intelligent home central bridge control that it always where it needs to be. This gives you the possibility to keep an overview and configure of all your devices in one central place. By combining a calendar, emails and more, it also replaces your family control centre for a better and more organised planning. You can even save by leaving out other smart screens and gadgets in your home, because it can be integrated into DIRROR. Ask your KNX system integrator to find out more!

Security & monitoring systems

With all the connected gadgets and IoT devices in your new smart home, you might wonder about the security. If you use closed systems such as KNX standard for automated home, you shouldn’t be worried. However, you might think about getting a monitoring system for your smart home when using WiFi connected gadgets. A smart “watchdog” such as Akita tracks all the IP addresses that access your devices, and notifies you when needed.

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