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Apps We Love to Use with DIRROR

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In the last two posts, we introduced you to our favourite Productivity and Smart Home Apps for DIRROR. In this post, we would like to indulge into entertainment a little more. However, with DIRROR we promise to make your life simpler and more organised, so these Apps are not only for fun but also good for boosting your productivity.

Watching YouTube Videos with Friends

Did you just found this awesome video in YouTube that you want to show to your friends sitting next to you but the small smartphone or laptop screen is inconvenient for everybody to see at once? Been there, done that! This is why we love the YouTube app on DIRROR! It is much more crowd friendly!

The reason we love it so much is that you can search and watch videos all together with no one having settle for a bad view or wait for their turn.

Discovering the World with the Maps App

There are so many places on Earth that you are yet to discover and don’t know where to start? The Maps App is not only great to find directions and best connections to navigate through daily traffic but also to find your new travel destination and plan your next vacations. With its excellent 3D function, you can change your perspective and zoom down to a street level. Walk the streets of New York City, Berlin, Paris, Bangkok or wherever you like, really!

And the reason we love it so much, is that on DIRROR’s big touchscreen and intuitive interface, the views become alive in front of your eyes providing you with lovely details to anywhere on Earth.

Online Shopping Reinvented

Zalando App on DIRROR reinvents online shopping as you know it! This Europe’s biggest online shop for shoes and fashion has developed an excellent shopping app. Its clean and simple design provides you with fashionable trends, inspiration and quick & easy checkout process.

The reason we love it so much is that on the large screen of DIRROR you can view products in real size, shop alone or together with friends and pick out your favourite pieces to be delivered to your home. Convenience and fun combined in one.


Want more inspiration on how DIRROR can make your daily life more fun and simple?

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