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How to integrate DIRROR into your KNX installed smart home

Smart Home IMM 2018 DIRROR

So you have a KNX installation in your home and you are wondering how and if you can integrate DIRROR into it? The short answer is: yes, you can! The longer answer as to “how” follows…

For the ones who have yet to hear about KNX, here’s a quick introduction. So far, we have been talking about home automation in relation to IoT devices and gadgets which mostly work with a wireless connection. However, there is another way to make your home smart. KNX is a standardised network communication protocol for building automation. The system is combined of devices such as sensors and actuators which are connected together by a two-wire bus. An important information hereby is, that the devices and applications can be made by different manufacturers but as long as these are labelled with a KNX trademark, these can be combined together into a working installation. A standardized protocol allows the companies to produce a wide range of products which allow, for example, the integration of:

  • Heating & Air Conditioning control
  • Shutter & shading control
  • Alarm and security monitoring
  • Energy management & Electricity/Gas/Water metering
  • Audio & video distribution

You already have KNX installation up and running and you are looking for a central control centre for it all?

Every smart house that is more than just a SONOS system and couple of Philipps Hue lights, needs a central control. Especially when you have an alarm system. At the IMM 2018 in Cologne, DIRROR was featured in the “Let’s be Smart – the future of intelligent Home” installation. Using KNX installation, the smart home had one DIRROR at the entrance area and the other one in the bedroom. The great thing about DIRROR is that it doesn’t look like it’s technology at first. You can hang up pictures next to it and it will look just like a mirror. But it has a powerful machine built into it. Watch the video below to see how DIRROR can be integrated into your KNX installation.

In order to control your KNX installed smart home with DIRROR you need to download a software such as Gira QuadClient. However, you can use any software that can control KNX. If unsure which one to get, ask your installation company for recommendations.


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