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Happy Science Fiction Day!

SIENCE FICTION DAY Dirror smart mirror

All the holidays and we are still not getting enough! So, here’s a fun holiday to celebrate – Science Fiction Day! Obviously, because we love technology and science fiction, and we like to consider ourselves to be very innovative minds, we just have to celebrate! So, take a seat, buckle up and join us for the ride into the future!

5 Years from Today…

you are just getting home with the kids and receive a call. You pass DIRROR and accept the call with a touch. Your friend appears on the screen in life size and states that she needs help with deciding which outfit to wear for your dinner later tonight. While you are getting the kids ready and preparing them a snack, your friend is showing you her outfit options and you agree on the black jumpsuit. Sexy, but elegant.

However, before you can head out for the night you still have an appointment with your bank’s financial advisor and you have to do groceries so that your kids and husband can cook themselves a dinner later. You get your paperwork together just in time for your advisor to call in. She greets you with a smile and gets right to the point. You are currently looking into some additional investment opportunities and your advisor provides you several interesting ones. You decide on buying into a tech company and authorise your advisor to act in your behalf with a signature you pass to a document that just appeared on your DIRROR. Satisfied with your investment, you go on and check what your kids had wished for the dinner tonight.

You open the cooking app on your dashboard, add all necessary ingredients to a shopping cart plus some more for breakfast tomorrow and pick the store to buy it from. You order the groceries to be there in an hour, that is just in time for cooking.

Before you start getting yourself ready for the dinner, you quickly fly over your schedule for tomorrow, check, if teachers had left any notes about your kids and what homework they had gotten and then switch your DIRROR into a stand-by mode with your family picture as a background.

10 Years from Today…

your kids are almost grownups and their schedule is fuller than ever. But with your busy schedules DIRROR is your virtual assistant for all that helps to organise your family life.

Your daughter has her prom in few days and she still hasn’t found a dress to wear. So, today is the day! She asks for DIRROR to show her prom dresses in navy blue and it shows her 5 recommendations that suit her style preference and are a good fit for her body. How does it know the fitting, you ask? Well, welcome to the future: With the built-in sensors DIRROR can not only measure you and show the clothes that fit you best, it can also recognize and analyse changes in your body and notify you when there’s a reason for a concern. Now you can even save the visits to the doctor and do it from the comfort of your home!

But back to prom dress shopping. Your daughter is now virtually trying on already a second one. The first one was showing a little bit too much skin and dad didn’t really agree with it but the second one seems like the one. From the side menu, she picks a recommended jacket and tries it on, because the evening can get chilly. Happy with her selection, she adds it to the cart and orders it with the morning express.

digital wallpaper interior

15 Years from Today…

DIRROR? It’s your wallpaper. It’s the beach view with an endless ocean. It’s the wild Amazonas forest. It’s the blue-blue sky. It’s a digital reflection of your wardrobe. It’s a mirror and it’s not. It is, what you want it to be.

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