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Automated Home: How to pick a smart home hub that suits your needs?

Smart home automation

The number of standards and available platforms for automated home are constantly growing. You need one app for lights, another one for the heating and if you want your devices to run on schedule you are often required to power up your PC to do so in the web platform. So really, it seems like making something smart has become unnecessary complicated instead.

Yet, the basic principle behind automated home is to have one single dashboard that consolidates the otherwise unruly mess of smart home devices. Smart home hub is like a brain that lets all your smart home devices work together. It’s a more holistic approach to automate your devices to run on schedule and interact with one another based on preconfigured scenarios.

Is voice controlled smart home hub enough for automated home?

Apple Home Pod, Google Home or Amazon Alexa – The big players in things smart home hub are all concentrating on voice controlling your home. However, we all know that voice control can be quite frustrating at times. Say you want Alexa to play a certain song and it doesn’t find it just because it doesn’t entirely understand your accent. Or just to bring you a more dramatic example: You ask your Google Home to turn on the water sprinklers in the kitchen because something has caught fire and it turns on the coffee machine instead! In such cases a touch control becomes very handy and sometimes even extremely important.

With the release of Amazon Echo Show, it seems that Amazon has recognised the limits of voice control. With the addition of touch screen to its predecessor, it tries to tackle the problems noted above. However, where does this kind of product really belong to in our homes? Whether you find the design of Echo Show appealing or not, this is yet another type of product which you need to fit with your interior. This is why we in DIRROR decided to take a piece of furniture every household already has and uses on a daily basis and make it smart. A mirror is often the first thing we look at in the morning, everyone has a place for it in their household and it offers a large surface that can be used for more than just a reflection.

Our smart mirror comes with a multi-touch touchscreen, voice control and a selection of handcrafted and high quality wooden frames which make this high technology fit into any household. When switched off, DIRROR looks no different to a regular mirror but when activated it offers you so many more options than any currently available smart home controller. Not only can it be used for smart home control and as a screen for your security cameras. It is also excellent as a family command centre, as your assistant in the kitchen and as the central entertainment centre of your home. You can also choose whether or not you want to have a camera integrated, as we respect and honour your privacy.

DIRROR can be configured to suit your needs; You can pick the size, colour, screen resolution and more. And with more than 600,000 apps available in the App store, you have all the best qualities from PC, tablet and smartphone combined in a single product.

DIRROR is here to simplify your day and make more time for the things that really matter in your life.


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  1. I love your product! Had the pleasure to experience it in the Bonaverde Coffee Canteen 😉

    It is easy to use and stylish. Please contact me via mail for a business inquiry.

    All the best and keep it up!


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