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Upgrade your home interior with DIRROR S.


Magic mirror that can more.

Our digital mirror DIRROR S is our smallest family member. The smallest and the cutest magical mirror available! It looks discreet, yet elegant in its custom-made wooden frame and all its practical functions make it a perfect smart gadget to upgrade your home with. Control your lights, music and any other smart home gadget in your household with DIRROR. But that’s not all. With DIRROR you can access any website, check your mail and calendars but also listen to radio, turn on your favourite playlist in Spotify or watch videos and movies. One of many ways to integrate DIRROR into your life is its practicality in your kitchen. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of available recipes, add ingredients to shopping lists, let DIRROR read out the instructions for the recipe or watch a how-to video in YouTube. With more than 600.000 apps available, this magical mirror will transform your everyday life. Be more efficient and design your day how YOU want it.

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