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Apps We Love to Use with DIRROR

DIRROR weather app

As there are 600.000 apps available for DIRROR, it can get a little overwhelming to pick out the very best ones. This is why we decided to introduce you to some of our favourites for DIRROR. But we, too, have too many favourites to fit into one post! So, we decided to bring you a series of posts to introduce you to the Apps we love to use with DIRROR.

In this first post, we will indulge into TOP 3 apps for DIRROR that help you become more productive in your daily life.

Daily News with DIRROR

There are several News Apps available in the Windows App store, but our absolute favourite for reading news with DIRROR is the native Windows App. The content of the App can be adapted to suit your individual interests and with the live tiles feature all the interesting headlines from your selected topics will pop up when new articles are published.

The reason we love it so much is because it is like reading an old-school newspaper: DIRROR shows all the news at one sight and with an intuitive user interface it is easy to scroll through the different articles.

Planning and Organising with DIRROR

For all the planners and organisers among us, the Google Calendar app on DIRROR is a dream come true! Now you can have a full weekly or even monthly overview of all your appointments and important deadlines all at a glance on a large screen. DIRROR’s multi-touch touchscreen helps you view and schedule your appointments with such an ease.

The reason we love it so much is the possibility to have several calendars in one: merge every family member’s calendar together to create a digital family planner. That way you will always know when to pick-up and drop-off kids, plan family vacations and more.

Perfectly Dressed for any Weather

Feels like the weather becomes more and more unpredictable with every day. Thus, a good weather App is a must in your DIRROR. Our absolute favourite is the Weather Channel App. Not only does it show the forecast for the whole week but it provides you with detailed knowledge about the whole day. You can also see the weather map for the past 24 hours and it looks especially spectacular on a large screen on DIRROR.

The reason we love it so much: It is the perfect app to make sure you are always appropriately dressed for the day. When it’s expected to rain, DIRROR will tell you to take your umbrella, and when it’s sunny, it will make sure you don’t forget your sunglasses!

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