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Smart Home Apps We Love to Use with DIRROR

Apps we love to use DIRROR

In our last post about Apps for DIRROR, we introduced you to our favourite Productivity Apps for DIRROR. In this post, we bring the future a little bit closer and introduce you to some of our favourite Apps to make you feel like a science fiction movie. Yeap, meet your new smart home with DIRROR!

Smart Home with Conrad Connect

As a Conrad Connect Smart Home Cockpit, DIRROR provides you with a great overview of all your smart home gadgets. It supports a wide range of smart devices which you can centrally control via DIRROR. The reason we love it so much, is the simplicity how you can connect various devices, create your own projects or import public projects to set rules for your smart devices.

For example, you can create your own morning routine: when it’s time to wake up the lights turn on with a soft wake-up alarm and a “Good morning!” SMS. At the same time, the coffee machine turns on to prepare you a fresh cup of coffee, your blinds open and while you get ready DIRROR will update you with latest news and give you an overview of your planned meetings and appointments for the upcoming day.

DIRROR with Conrad Connect Smart Home allows you to control everything from lights and temperature to home appliances, security cameras and more. With endless possible combinations, there is certainly something for you, too!

DIRROR as a Remote Control for Your Music

We at DIRROR value the combination of simplicity and good quality, which is why we are big fans of SONOS speakers. We want to listen to the music in every room of the house without the hassle of moving the speakers around or laying cables. With SONOS wireless multi-room speaker system you will transform the sound of your home. Simply set up the speakers with SONOS Controller App in DIRROR, connect it with you favourite music streaming App and you are set to go.

There are several reasons why we love it so much: Firstly, you have a wide selection of different music streaming providers and you can also combine these to create local playlists; Second, you can centrally control in which specific speaker the music should play in and third, you can set the volume of each speaker in accordance with the room it is at.

Personal Assistant in Your Kitchen

Juggling between your work, home, family and friends can be a lot! Somewhere between all that you should also find time to run your daily errands like dry cleaners, doctor appointments, grocery shopping and cooking. Planning and cooking your meals alone, can take a big chunk of your time! Yet, it is so important to eat nutritious and healthy meals to keep up your energy levels. Precisely for this reason we love the Cookidoo app in combination with Thermomix! You have a huge databank of recipes to help you plan your whole week ahead of time and you can have your groceries delivered to your door just in time to cook.

The reason we love it so much, is that on DIRROR’s big screen you can plan your weekly meals together with your whole family. Especially, when placed in your kitchen, the combination of DIRROR and Thermomix is so simple and fun for anybody to start preparing culinary delicacies at their five-star home kitchen.


These were some of our favourites Apps for smart home with DIRROR. More information about how DIRROR can make your home smarter can be found HERE.

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